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Aug 26, 2009 5:00pm EDT
, karen. the museum here in washington is a place where america is most historic news events are chronicle. senator edward kennedy's death is a part of that history. armando trull had a chance to talk about the man of the liberal lion of the senate. >> as news made headlines and filled tv screens, the initial reaction from some followed by the realization that an era in american history had ended. >> he was someone who had strong principles that he believed in and which was unusual for many current legislators. >> he was remembered by those he met during his 46 1/2 yearlong senate career. >> it is exciting. i was in first grade at the time. it was a real honor to have him come to our house. >> everybody knows him. >> and by those who knew of his achievements of the liberal lion of the senate. >> he led the way for civil rights, american disabilities act and a lot of people that didn't have the opportunity to speak. he spoke for them. >> reporter: some people were harsh over the one event that may have cost him the presidency and a young woman her life. the 1969 accident where a wom
Aug 6, 2009 5:00pm EDT
family. but i also think it's a wonderful day for america. >> the senate's vote on sotomayor's nomination comes after three days over debate over whether or not she is the right choice. sotomayor earned yes votes from every democrat. nearly 3/4 of the gop senators refused to vote for her. they insisted she bring a liberal bias and her personal feelings into the high court. >> america needs judges that are guided and controlled not by subjective empathy that they find inside themselves, but by objective law that they find outside themselves. >> sotomayor was nominated to replace david suiter, a liberal justice appointed by the first president bush. she is not expected to shift the ideological balance of the high court. now that sotomayor has been confirmed, the 55-year-old appeals court judge will leave behind her native new york city and move to washington. ready to begin her lifetime appointment to the high court, when the new term begins this fall. joel brown, cbs news, washington. >> u.s. senator, barbra was back on the senate floor for today's vote. it was the first ti
Aug 10, 2009 5:00pm EDT
in the 90s which is hot in the south bay. the ride is called the invertigo. this is north america's first inverted face-to-face roller coaster. again, an accident in the san jose area. this is santa clara, 32 people stuck on a roller coaster at great america. we'll continue to follow this. >> we certainly will. as you can see there, as that camera circles around, rescue crews are trying to get to those folks. a scary situation, obviously, the need for patience in a precarious place. >> all right. we'll keep you updated. >>> if you are ever stuck on the tarmac, most major airlines have a four hours and you are out clause. >> that's not the case for smaller carriers. 47 passengers on a flight from houston to minneapolis found that out the hard way. >> reporter: friday night 9:30, flight 2016 departs houston on time. a routine take-off with a three- hour flight to minneapolis. around midnight the pilot announced -- >> he said there were storms. they couldn't land and they had to go to rochester to refuel. >> reporter: that's when the nightmare began. they sat their all night. 47 passengers s
Aug 11, 2009 5:00pm EDT
washington correslook back at her legacy. >> she was born into one of america's most prominent families, the 5th of nine kennedy children. graduating from stanford university in 1943, she later became a social worker at a west virginia prisonnen. she married sergeant shriver in 1953. and together, they had five children, including maria shriver, now the wife of california governor, arnold hwarzenegger. it was growing up with a close family member who was mentally retarded that led to eunice kennedy shriver's life's work. the establishment of special olympics. her goal she said was to demonstrate that people with mental retardation are capable of remarkable achievements in sports, education, employment, and beyond. it began in 1962 as a summer camp at her home in maryland. and led to the first special olympic summer games held at chicago's soldier field in 1968. 1,000 athletes from 26 states in canada competed. today, the games have more than 1.3 million participates in over 150 countries. in 1984, ronald reagan awarded the highest civilian honor. for decent si and goodness touched the l
Aug 28, 2009 5:00pm EDT
words that he truly knew what arlington meant. not just to his family but to america as well. >> there was of course a fourth condition did brother, joseph, who died in a particularly dangerous bombing run in world war ii. his body was never recovered but they say there are no plans to add a marker for him. back to you. >> bruce leshan, thank you to much. >>> we laugh will have live coverage of the funeral. you can also visit a special section at see all of our reports and leave your comments and memories on the senator's life. >>> in other news now, some are calling it a house of horrors. more details are surfacing about the abducted girl in northern california who spent 18 years with her pastor and as teri okita reports we are now hearing from the alleged kidnapper herself. >> reporter: phillip garrido and nancy head to court on friday in an investigation involving the kidnapping and rape of a minor. authorities say the couple kept 11-year-old jaycee lee dugard in a secret backyard compound of sheds and tents for 18 years. she was never seen or heard from and eve
Aug 7, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. transitions. healthy sight in every light. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you. >>> millions of americans suffer from psoriasis. many can manage with prescriptions and ointment but when that doesn't work, doctors are using a laser to zap away the problem. >> it treats the psoriasis using a surgeon wave length of light. >> the new laser's wave length is targeting the underlying information. there is a down down side. patients need two-week treatments for at least a month and the results aren't permanent. the patches usually return three to six months later. that laser costs about $200 per treatment but the good news is that most health insurance plans will cover it. >>> on fridays living well zeros in on fitness with our healthy hour report. tonight, for you avid golfers, and those who wish they played better, what is the one type of exercise that can improve your swing and keep you from getting hurt. we caught up with a chiropractor and golf guru in prince georges county to find out. >> i'm so addicted to it. i play at least four or five times a week. >> rep
Aug 12, 2009 5:00pm EDT
these awards today, says mr. obama. >> this is a chance for me and the united states of america to say thank you to some of the finest citizens of this country and of all countries. >> some other recipients include legend, billy jean king, coleman race for the cure founder, and retired supreme court justice, sandra day o'coner. >>> earlier in the day, the president and first lady welcomed the newest supreme court justice to the white house. a few hundred supporters attended the celebration for justice sonia sotomayor. she is the first hispanic justice appointed to the u.s. supreme court. as sotomayor was officially sworn in over the weekend. >> i am deeply humbled by the sacred responsibility of upholding our lawings set forth in our constitution. i ask not just my family and friends, but i ask all americans to wish me to find guidance and wisdom in administering. >> the supreme court is set to get back to work on september 9. >>> the cbs evening news is less than an hour away. anchor katie couric joins us live from new york with a preview. we have been covering very heated healthcare tow
Aug 13, 2009 5:00pm EDT
. transitions lenses are available at an america's best location near you.
Aug 18, 2009 5:00pm EDT
and fingerprints. >>> a few years ago, the secretary of state, they founded america's promise alliance that gives kids providing them with direction and support. young people, they should have five basic things in their lives, a caring adult, safe places to learn and grow after school, skills and a healthy start and most important, an opportunity to give back. >>> the university of pittsburg is rejecting the estate of a gunman who killed three women and a health club there. he shot himself earlier this month, leaving the estate to the school as an estimated $225,000. the owners of the club where he opened fire say they plan to sue his estate for damages. >>> two young children, abducted in phoenix have been found, unharmed. the 2-year-old boy and 11-month-old boy were drop off at the house. they think that it was part of a home invasion robbery and a neighbor describes what he saw. >> i hear two kids screaming, i looked out the curtain and saw two babies out there, that's it. i called 911. >> the children were taken by four suspects and driven away before being found about five hours later. so fa
Aug 25, 2009 5:00pm EDT
that when we get a free education in america. we are taking a lot of things for granted. it is horrible and they should be held responsible for their actions and why would you do that? >> reporter: the suspects 14, 15, 16, and 17, are all students where they face potential disciplinary action as well as their criminal case. >> the punishment and consequences range based upon the individual circumstance. they can be anything from suspension to expulsion. >> reporter: there was no specific threat made against the school. the students charged in the crime have been released to the custody of their manassas parents. >>> the school district says it takes the incident very seriously because it views safety at its schools as the district's highest priority. >>> we have a developing story where a pilot is accused of violating restricted air space around washington. sky 9 captured pictures of the plane that was forced to land at montgomery county air park. the faa says it was flown by a student pilot. a black hawk helicopter intercepted the plane and forced it to land. it is registered to a c
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10